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Research Pairing Program

The STRIVE-WA team is running an effort called the “Research Pairing Program”. We aim to connect highly motivated, GCP accredited students who are willing to provide 40-60 hours of work to high-quality research projects.

Our team aims to:

  • Match student’s skill with appropriate projects.

  • Ensure students will have adequate recognition for work given.

Research Pairing Program Infographic v2023.png

For Students

STRIVE-WA is offering meaningful research opportunities for both preclinical and clinical students. This particular form is for students available from ~July to December of this year (2022). We are looking for highly motivated students who would be willing to give 40-60 hours over a set time frame to a research project. In return, students will receive recognition in the final products (authorship for paper, abstract, poster, etc). We will receive applications from researchers advertising their project and will attempt to pair students with suitable projects. Opportunities are limited and completing this form does not guarantee a project.

Register your interest by completing the form below:

Are you a preclinical or clinical medical student?
Are you GCP accredited (free for students)? Link:

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For Researchers

If you would like to advertise a project, please complete the form below:

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